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Anti vibration pads

Adam T7V

Thoman Adam Sub 7 (promo)

Adam Sub 8 – larger room

I just received my new adam subwoofer.

It is completing my adam F7 Speakers Giving a nice extension on the low end frequency domain.

The setup of the sub is not so easy and you have to tweak the volume/frequency and placement to obtain something that is not to much overlaping with the speakers.

After some hours of trials and listening I found that using it for low frequency without cuting my monitors at 85hz and with a reasonable volume will give a nice response.

The extension is important in my 30 square meter space. It give nice lows with a lot of pressure on ambient tracks.

To minimise vibrations i use anti vibration pads + some sort of rubber pads used for washing machines. You can get them on amazon for 10€. And it works very well.

I recommend this product. It is better if you have lot of space and must be used at low volume to allow the speakers to lead the general response. In return it provides a nice extension on lot of tracks with subs and low end you would normally not ear using the Adam F7 alone.

_DSC4276_DxOMy Monitoring system using two Adam F7 monitors on Norstone stand + Adam Sub 7


Detailled view of the Adam Sub 7 : Note how low frequency and volume are set up