The Adam F7  serie from ADAM audio, are a pair of 7” monitors with the well known X-ART ribbon tweeters design of the brand.


I decided to purchase them after receiving a pair of M-Audio BX8 D2 with one of the tweeters not functionning at all.

As soon as you install them you have a good quality feeling, the monitors weight is decent and all the material used looks good. The woofer looks in my opinion less impressive than the rest of the speaker. Also the ported design is made out of plastic. I will speak of it later. All in all for the price its a very good realisation.


The Adam F7 use a Class A/B amplifier. Opening it you can see a transformer and amp + electronic board fixed to the rear metal panel. Everything looks clean and secured .very impresive Heatsink (specially if you compare with the M-Audio.) everything inspire confidence and should be an example for other manufacturers.

Still some glue or silicone on some capacitors probably in order to reduce vibrations but I would prefer without any glue/silicon to allow easy servicing or upgrade.


The inside of an adam F7 : Big vented magnet on the woofer. not a lot of dampening inside, Bitume painting on the front of the speaker.

In order to improve performance I added some bitumen band on the plastic vent that does the bass reflext port.  Even if the bass reflex port looks weel glued and fixed to the cabinet it will add some mass and allow less undesirable resonance of the plastic situated just under the woofer.

Otherwise everything is good and I left the internal like stock.

The sound: The F7 produce a very détailled and smooth sound. Treble is a little bit forward and for me the best setup is with -6db on the tweeter and flat on the bass adustment. They dont go as low or deep as the BM6 from DYNAUDIO and have les impact on the kick region than the BX8D2 from M-Audio.

That said they have a very flat and rich sound ideal for studio monitoring. In my opinion they need to be paired with a sub to give their best but still they can be used without and give enought precision for monitoring.

The tweeter is the masterpiece of this speaker. It’s on par with the tweeter of dynaudio. Dynaudio giving a larger render when the Adam gives a  more focused and precise response.  Adam F7 uses (according to the manufacturer) a spécialy designed amplifier for the tweeter part. This probably contribute to the very good reproduction achieved in the upper medium/treble range of frequencies.

Indeed this tweeter gives a very with good and neutral coloration to the sound with all the details you want to ear .

The speaker seems to handle very well power with no PSU noise and a good dynamic increase when you level up the volume.

Hoverall I’m very happy with these and they will stay on my desk and maybe later on dedicated stands.

Soundcard used : EMU 1616 / windows 10 /Thomann foam pads