M-Audio BX8 D2 Review


Now That M-Audio is releasing the BX8- D3 new pair of Speakers, I got a Deal on a pair of BX8 D2 wich is more or less the same model exluding the wave guide on the tweeter.

This Story ended up with the BX8 Pair Being returned to the store and the purchase of a pair of more expensive ADAM F7 as a replacement.

I’m a owner of a pair Of dynaudio BM6 passive version that served me well during more than 10 years. Actually these speakers still works very well with a nad amplifier connected to my imac. For my new “studio” setup with Computer and cubase I needed a second pair. The M Audio BX8 were affordable at 280€ and showed good review on websites.

Here are my considerations on this model:

On the good side:

  • Very nice bass and kick rendition. this is due to the 20 cm / 8 inch woofer and probably fine tuning of the case + bass reflexdesign. These speakers provide a superb impact
  • Nice resolution of the tweeter.
  • Beautifull balanced sound (on the speaker working)

On the Bade side:

  • One of the speaker received had a tweeter not working !!! No sound at all coming from the tweeter straight out of the box (new pair) . That mean that the quality control is not that good and that my speaker had probably an amplifier issue.
  • Audible small hiss/hum on tweeter woofeer on the working pair ( this has to be taken softly as lot of amplifier produce some noise in the speaker and even the F7 have some noise when you listen with your ear close to the tweeter.
  • I opened the back to see the circuit and the circuit looks clean and simple. However it is impossible to repair du to spread of Neoprene glue on all the component …

This is a clear attempt to block everyone from replacing components on the circuit board. If someone at M-Audio read this please stop using glue or neoprene glue on your circuit. Specialy in this kind of speakers with cheap capacitors that will not last a decade.

I think the manufacturer did this to prevent from vibrations and pressure of the woofer damaging the board but removable silicon could be used instead and this would give much less troubleshouting for repair thant with neoprene type of glue I encountered.

I ended up sending back my pair with regrets and purchased a pair of ADAM F7 that I will review later.


Not easy to spot on the picture but the 04 main capacitors 3300uf & 2200uf are glued with a very strong neoprene glue, same on the connections and on the two 220uf caps nearby. Its a shame because the board and capacitors could be easily serviced if everything was just not covered by glue….