“All the parisians Headphones addicts in a meeting”

My Ranking of The various Headphones listened:

1. Sennheiser HD800 ( need an high end amp )

2. Audeze LCD 2 ( very good with the Mjolnir, less scaling than the HD800, warm signature)

3. Stax 007 (Impulse response at the top, nice midrange less precise than the HD800 in the high freq/ treble area)

4. Beyerdynamic DT990 (shine on the Auralic very good soundstage and better bass response more controled than with everything I tried it before)

5. Sennheiser HD600 ( hard to drive, unbalance problems on aune X1 for example, nice sound on a high end amp, less confortable than the beyer DT990 or Superlux HD330)

6. Superlux HD330 modded (Confortable with warm signature type, scale less than the DT990 on high end amps like the auralic, easier to drive, lack some precision in treble and a larger soudstage compared to the flagships but the most impressive for the price/sound ratio )

7. Hifiman HE6 (decent, but unconfortable & something bright in the midrange is really an issue for me) & Denon D600 (good mids/high but too artificial bass/ mid to Bass area)

8. Focal Spirit One & HD25 (the focal sp1 sounds a little dry, the HD25 have good midrange but clamp too much)

9. Akg K550 & Superlux HD668B (the K550 lack bass, the HD668 too, HD668. Both sounds clear and a little vieled /dry = not my taste)

10. Audio technica

11. Ficher audio Fa-03 (not confortable, sounds cheap)