Owner of a DT990 and The Superlux HD660 & HD330 with a design adapted from the DT770.

The choice of the pads is a very important aspect, it affects the sound, the isolation and the confort of your headphone.

When it comes to Beyerdynamic Headphones, there is a lot of options for the pads : you can find velour pads, leather pads / softskin pads from the original manufacturer and also lot of “compatible pads” from other brands solds on amazon or ebay.

From my experience I’ve tested the original DT990 pads, The Velour DT770 pads and the Soft Skin (leather) DT770M pads.

The one I find the most confortable are the DT990 velour pads. The DT770 velour pads are more firm and so you feel more the clamp of the headphone. Also the DT990 pads appears to be larger than the two other pads.

The DT770M pleather pads are more suited for outside use and appears more resistant than the velour pads. So I recommend for someone who wants to travel with a DT770 for example.

Soon I will try to adapt DT990 velour pads on The superlux HD660 / HD330 to see if they fit and if they improve the confort.

Stay tuned !!!


Update:  07/02/2013: 

After trying the Beyerdynamic DT990 pads on the Superlux HD330 I came to the conclusion that they fit perfectly.

As a reverse effect all the DT770 pads also fit perfectly on the DT990 pro. (I tried the softskin and velour)

Soundwise the conclusion is more complicated: Ok DT990 pads fits and are very confortable but they kill IMHO all the nice mid and bass/sub of the HD330. The DT770 pads (velour and softskin) makes the DT990 more bassy but there is something too much and I dont like the “signature” with these pads.

So finally the Best pads for the HD330 are the Beyerdynamic DT770 velour pads (for the moment).

and DT990 stay with their pads that are made for them.