Like you’ve seen in my review of the Superlux HD660 my first unit had a problem with the right driver.

Something like distorsion and vibration in the capsule at moderate volume.

I decided to use the housing of this headphone to give a new life to my old sennheiser HD200 not usable because of aged pads etc….

The galery below show the steps of the mod.

The mod is not very difficult and the driver fit in the suport of the original one with just some adjustments (dremel).

I choose to put acoustic foam from Thomann in the cups to reduce a little the volume. The reason is that the volume was smaller in the HD200 cups.

The sound:

The sound retain the caracteristics of the HD200. We obtain a dark sounding phone, with lot of bass and low midrange. Not extremly dynamic compared to other headphones like the DT990 or the HD25 but its decent.

The tones are correct in the high but the spatialisation and panoramics are not at the level of a superlux 660 or other phone. I feel a slight improvement in this area compared to the original HD200.

All and all its a good pair of headphones for electro,Trance, Techno but not for metal or rock and not for those who want a analytic sound (monitoring etc)