The Superlux HMD 660 is an headset version of the HD600 reviewed here: HD660 review

The main difference is the use of a different cord/cable. I find this one better than the original cord of the HD660. It is a little longer and less rigid.

The mic is a dynamic one mounted on left side on a flexible mount. It is perfect for computer application (skype, teamspeak etc…) but require a 12db mic boost on my integrated soundcard. It doesnt work well with professional preamps (EMU1616) so the target is clearly for use with a normal computer card (gaming application, communication)

The sound signature is similar to the HD660. It makes this headphone a good all rounder for computer use (music, films, games). The closed aspect can be usefull in a noisy environment.

For the price it is a good competitor with traditionnal computer brands but it doesnt include a soundcard witch is not a big issue (it works well with integrated soundcards)


3 thoughts on “Superlux HMD 660 Review

  1. can you review the hmc660e for me? Pleaseeeeeee. Please.
    Can the condenser mic run from the 3.5mm without phantom power?

  2. Not exactly a gaming headset. Not really intended for use with a computer sound card. This is more of a studio style headset, perhaps for use with amateur radio transceivers, but not computers. I disagree with the previous poster, it DOES work well with a professional preamplifier, such as an M-Audio AudioBuddy, or a Peavey PV6 mixing board, or similar. I consider EMU devices to be computer related, even if there is a preamp built in, but they are mostly intended for use with computers and computer sound cards. This headset CAN work with them, but it will present the characteristically low open signal voltage (i.e., low signal strength) to the card, and will need a preamp circuit to match the characteristically higher electret condenser capsules usually used with computer sound cards.

    As such, this is an excellent low cost headset for use with amateur radio transceivers or in the sound studio, and it works very well with a standard pro type preamp, active and passive mixing boards, and other studio equipment.

    This set is NOT as durable as many other products, but the price is fairly low compared to the competition ( e.g., the AudioTechnica BPHS-1 headset, which retails for $199) – sound quality is very good, making the HDM-660 headset a bargain. The mic boom arm does not swivel and it is probably the weakest link in the chain, but it will provide long service as long as you are careful and do not bang the headset or drop it a lot. It is light and comfortable and the user can adjust clamping force by slightly bending the metal arms that hold the headband to the earphone receiver shells.

    So, excellent sound and good value for the price. But I would not use it as a gaming headset with a computer sound card. Just MY take – your mileage may differ.

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