Exactly 1 week after receiving this headphone and using it moderatly one drivers start crackling and producing distorsion on music material.
Actualy there is no problem on my hmd 660 and on the hd 660 of one of my friends. I contacted the distributor and they sent me an other HD660 running actually 2 month without any problems.

So I Think it was a defective unit.

The build quality was wrong on this unit and I found on the web/forums that at least one other person have had defective superlux headphone…
The review continue:

To introduce this headphones, they are made by the chinese company superlux that copied the design of a beyerdinamic dt770.
(Its not exactly the same but very close)

This design is very good so why not ?

It looks quite good for a 40€ headphone. I like the design (I like beyerdinamic so) whit metal parts.
Also it is compatible with beyer parts like headband and pads so its a very good start for someone on a budget or just someone who wants to upgrade his headphone later or do a little modding. Also it is a security for spare parts when the pads will become used etc ….

“The tentation to buy beyer part for it is very high.”

the + :

– large soundstage for a closed headphone

– good isolation (not the best but decent for travels etc)

– Lot of mods possible (cables, changing parts, hp etc …)
– Good reproduction of high mids and high frequencies ideal for rock/metal/punk

the – :
-confort of original pad average but can be inproved
– Reproduction of low mids can be better.
– the coiled cord/cable is only one meter and that is too short.

It is perfect for a portable use but one additional meter would have been  better for home use.
– the stock pads are not the best but not the worst but it will be a – for me because of the internal diameter of the circumaural circle.

– bass/sub extention
– this headphones need “juice” 100mw is indicated on the characteristics. They need for sure a specific amp like a Fiio e10, a pro-ject head box or something similar.

– build quality control = vibrations on my first unit only one week after purchase.
(have been replaced)

How to feel confortable with your hd 660
I use this headphone sligtly modded in the way that I changed the pad for the dt770m soft skin pads. This upgrade brings more confort and the feeling is one hundred time much better than the stock pads.
The inner circle of the stock pad were too small for my ears so it was an issue.

In fact stock pads are still decent for a 40€ and you can avoid buying new pads if you are confortable with them.
But the feeling is cheaper than the high quality soft skin pleather or velour pad provided by beyerdinamic. I have actually also the velour pads on the hmd 660 (headset similar with microphone). The pleather pad provided as stock pads are very close to the pads of the sennheiser hd 25 in texture to give an idea.

hard ro drive ??
One of the first things I noticed is that this headphone is quite hard to drive.
Drived by a smartphone (galaxy note) the result is definitivelly not at full potential.
It means that the sound is laidback and the volume need to be pushed to obtain a good listening level.

This headphones given for 150ohm (2×150 ohm inscription on the slides of the headband) are almost as hard to drive as my beyerdinamic dt 990 pro 250 ohm is. Maybe more !!!
I’ll probably have to use an Headphone amp for devices like smartphone or ipod and similar stuff.

How it sounds ?:

The presentation is oriented to the high mids and high frequencies. Very precise panoramics.

When compared to the DT 990 as a reference headphone we see a different choice in the tonal balance. The dt990 have more bass and sub bass but keep a good presence in the high freq. The HD660 have a more tight bass but the bass have a good dynamic/impact. The low mids are a little recessed but they are here. Due to this tonal balance the high freq region can be a little to present for the taste of some people that prefer bass emphasize in the response. In my opinion it doesnt cross the limit of harshness and it is a enjoyable presentation on some music style like rock.

Where they loose in my opinion compared to more expensive headphones in the 150€+ price range is in the resolution and tone in the sounds of high frequencies.

The positive aspects are that the voices/vocals in high mids region have a good presence. The drums, snare have also a good color and presence.

It is a very good headphone for rock/metal/punk/core/goth styles.

Giving it a recable will improve the details in high and mid range and bring a little more bass.
The problem with the bass is the tone of bass/sub area that doesnt equal the open version (HD330) It is due to the enclosure and a more important roll of.


These units are very pleasant and decent headphones for rock in general (punk metal folk inde etc). The weak point is the bass extension and tone probably because of the limits of the closed design.

I  recommend these for someone looking for good mid/high precision and noise isolation.

The total compatibility with beyer dt 770 & 880 parts is also a good point

The sound is also very good and beat lot of headphones in this price range.

Gears used : Emu 1616 soundcard, galaxy note, Flac & 320 tracks, dt990 headphone as a reference