I will talk about my two years experience as a sennheiset hd 25 owner.

The hd25 have a special sound signature very punchy, good projection of the sound but the counterpart is a limited soundstage and bandwich.
Its a nice headphone for daily transportation like going to work or school.

I will not recommand it for long travels or as a principal headphone at home. The confort is too much an issue for this kind of use

Summarising the hd 25:

The +:
a small form factor, easy to carry, light
●Good aspect, materials are decent.
●Velour pad + pleather pad
●Telephone cable of good quality
●good isolation from exterior noises due to closed aspect
● easy to drive (good results with smartphone or an ipod nano/shuffle)

●The sound: very good midrange, peojection of the sound, clarity

The –
● too much clamping force (hurts after one 1h difficult to wear during long listening session)
● lacks subs bass
●soundstage not bad bud not very large
● price/quality ratio


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